The Winery and me….

I am Back to Work I am glad to say. Yesterday I worked with a new guy. He’s real nice but was pouring the white bar which I usually do. (white wines) so I got stuck on desserts. Dessert wines are not for everyone so it’s pretty boring most of the time. However, I found things to do. Perhaps too many things to do because when I got home last night my back was killing me and my feet were swollen…I guess from being on them so much and running all around — plus it was very hot outside. I got to work with one of my favorite co-workers. He’s french and is always in a good mood. He’s making my daughter’s wedding cake. He is always ready to help and we get along great. At least He Who Knows All About Wine was not there. He was there over the weekend and was Extremely rude which is nothing new for him. I think I am getting my moxie back because I gave him a mental slap. Such a strange little man…..anyway I am glad to be working again but was a little concerned that maybe I pushed myself too hard, after all, I am old!!  I think I am going to look for another part time job because even though the pay is lousy and the hours are great with flexibility it really is tough on the body, especially an old body like mine. I have also noticed that people have seem to have sprouted horns and a tail since I have been sick. They are not the funny and kind people that I am used to being around. They are grouchy and lazy and expect me to do much lifting which I Will Not Do when there are perfectly capable younger men to do it. So job hunting I go!!  I don’t care what kind of job I do right now. 

I still work for the family business and am just looking for something to do that I like and that will help pay the credit cards and debts we have incurred with the Fixer Upper. I want something part time with flexibility so I can take off for #3’s wedding and #2’s baby so I might have to stay at the winery for a while but I am kind of hoping that I can find something else. Just don’t have that warm and fuzzy feeling anymore….or maybe I’m



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