Anxiety and me….

Easter Day!!  Resurrection Day!!  One of my favorite holidays!!  I awoke early, trying to keep to my regular routine. I watched the sun show her beautiful face and the butterflies flit around the lilac bushes outside.  The little robin and the blue jays and the beautiful male robin who is Bright Red visited me this morning, twittering and singing. It was a nice morning. I am looking forward to being off work, even though I was scheduled to work. I am looking forward to spending some time with my son and his family.

Bang! Anxiety did not like the fact that I was looking forward to a day for a change. Anxiety likes to keep me tethered to the house, crying or feeling down. My mood was so great that Anxiety couldn’t get me that way so decided to attack my body. Terrible pain out of no where in my tummy this morning.

I sat down gingerly and examined the pain I was feeling. It was not normal. It was instead, in the lady area and I KNEW something was wrong. I sat perfectly still and analyzed the way the way my body was feeling. I had no idea what precipitated this. I did not panic, although I had to stomp on panic.

It was gas pains!!

Calm down Anxiety not today!!


4 thoughts on “Anxiety and me….

  1. I understand how you feel! The same thing happens to me. My anxiety is already messing me up this morning. I hope I can make it to Easter and I have a headache too. I have been feeling better with my anxiety lately, but its still hard! Hang in there it’ll get better! Happy Easter!

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