Charging the Laptap

Last night when I came in from work I looked like something the dog spit out.  When the hubs came in, he looked like something the cat spit out. Both of us were aching from our jobs. He of course is worse off than I am. However, neither of us need to be doing manual labor at our ages. It’s obvious that we had six kids and poor financial planning. But since that water has long been under the bridge, we have to look forward. My hubs made a remark last night that I really should finish my book so I can make a million….that got a bark of laughter out of me. I will be lucky to finish the book and have the money to pay for printing, let alone be able to get actually published at some big publishing house. If I self publish on Amazon, at least I can say I did something….Guess what? Yep! I’m charging up the laptop!  Will plan to start writing this week!

Go me!


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