Working on Resurrection Day at the Winery…The Winery and me….

I really didn’t want to work on Easter (Resurrection Day) this year, although I was scheduled to work and initially agreed to work. I was feeling as if the family was scattered all over the place and the hubs was working and probably one of my sons as well, so I figured I would work as well.  I also expected #4 to be spending the holiday with her boyfriend with his mom. Then I figured that I could go to an early church service with no problem. Looking through the local paper, I discovered that most services were sunrise or they interfered with my work schedule.

Getting home from work today, my third day in a row, my feet are swollen from being on them all day, my back is aching, and I am really tired. I only make $9.00 per hour.  It is really back breaking work.

At the last minute, this evening, I received an invitation from #1 to come to his house to have dinner. He is usually last minute, but wasn’t sure if he and my daughter in law were cooking. Then when I received his invitation, in the midst of my aches and pains, I looked down at my hand. This morning at work I slit my finger pretty bad and it was hurting. Needless to say, I did not have a good day working….The employees today were just getting on my nerves and I can’t really say why. There are a bunch of wine snobs working there and they have a very condescending way about them. Sadly, many are half my age and they should speak to me or anyone with more respect. I get tired of hearing their mindless prattle. I have started to realize the past few days that they are very mean and snide. I never saw it before…

I texted my boss and told her a, “family thing” came up which is true. She really doesn’t care; she just wants bodies to do the work. The aggravating thing is that there are several able bodied young men to do the heavy lifting and yet she schedules women, both young and old to lug around cases of wine. I don’t understand it. The guys are much more able to do the heavy work than the women, although the women would probably be indignant if they could hear my thoughts.

I examined my options and thought carefully if I should be fired…would I care?  No. I don’t think I will be, but if I am I truly don’t care. I am going to start selling on E bay again which I did for years and did quite well for some pocket money. I really do like certain aspects of my job, but they are becoming fewer and fewer…..At first I used to think that those that came in wine tasting and envisioned themselves wine aficionados  were funny–truly laugh/out/loud funny. Now they are just irritating. I used to think the bridal parties and “ladies” that went out wine tasting for a day were a riot but they are really just rude drunks.

For the flexibility of the job until #3 and her wedding and #2 and her baby, I was willing to tough it out but to what end? A hurt back? My own attitude which I don’t like? Not wanting to go to work?  Nah, it’s not worth it. If I have to stay awhile I will but I am not really very happy about it. So, as I mentioned before, I am job hunting. If I have to stay through August, I will but I am no longer going to hurt myself trying to get all of the tasks done. I will no longer carry heavy cases of wine, nor will I put up with snide and rude remarks from anyone. I will not clean bathrooms without proper sanitary precautions such as gloves and the proper cleaning supplies. I am not going to risk infection or who knows what….I am getting what I call, “subcontractor mentality” as it’s called in my, “real job” as a contractor.  I don’t like that about myself either. I will also have to sit down more, even if I have to buy my own stool and put my feet up to keep them from swelling. The bosses don’t like that but I no longer care about that either.

I think my attitude is bothering me the most….I don’t care. I have always had a good work ethic and I can see myself slipping into that, “I don’t care” mood. I don’t like that about myself….

We shall see if, “The Winery and Me” will continue….


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