Home schooling and me…..

We are on the final stretch and I am Sooo glad…..However, I am not well versed in footnoting which hardly anyone does but our curriculum requires it. #6 is also a lazy learner so he is not really motivated to do research for a research paper that has to be done. That means I have to push and argue and pretty much hold his hand to get it done. It’s exhausting. The other 3 that I home schooled did their own research and completed it without much assistance from me.

He is also flying this year with no math because the hubs has refused to teach it. He has always been the math teacher and I Can Not Do Math without a calculator. Forget algebra and geometry. It’s another language to me.

I have been stressing so much about this.  I have decided to help him complete the research paper and then look into the GED for our county. I am going to sign him up and sink or swim baby. I hope he passes. If he does not pass the math then there is no option but public school and there is a chance that he may be held back. This breaks my heart but there is no other way. We don’t have the money for a tutor and if he fails the math he will have to go. Not ever having been to public school, this will be traumatic for him. I dread it all.

These are part of the woes of home schooling as well as two parents on two completely different pages…..the hubs is furious but there’s nothing left for me to do…

Praying hard!!


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