The Fixer Upper and Me…..

One thing that happened this past week that was quite discouraging is that we don’t qualify for a home owner’s policy because we do not have working central heat.  We can get a Dwelling Policy which still gives us coverage for catastrophic events such as  fire, but it isn’t as good as a traditional homeowner’s policy. I was looking into this – this past week because we are making the last payment on the Fixer Upper. That’s an Awesome thing. However, we are still struggling. Those TV shows are for people that have money and buy Fixer Uppers!!  The only way to get a true homeowner’s policy is to have central heat and “curb appeal” which means at least painting the front of the house and clearing out over brush which we have kept to hide the front quite frankly. The hubs is not inclined to do much right now. He is in a bad mood.

The Ants have arrived as well. We have a big old Maple tree quite close to the house and the Ants are everywhere. They decided to invade the kitchen. I had the hubs get some spray. He sprayed all around then put borax around the house and they have dissipated a little which is good but they freak me out because there are so many of them! I have turned into a “plastic person”….by that I mean putting things in plastic containers, even small appliances because the ants are driving me up the wall!

The air conditioners are in the attic and the hubs has not gotten them out yet and it’s HOT in here. Really hot. We have ceiling fans which help a little but not that much. We have only one big fan; the others are in the attic and he has to get them down. Bad mood, no fans, no air conditioners…

Hope his dark days pass soon–


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