The Winery and me…

I was hoping the winery would get better, but so far, it hasn’t. In an earlier post about a week ago I had written that I find myself irritated more with co-workers or bored out of my mind. I have noticed that many people like to stand around doing nothing and getting paid for it. Not me. Boredom drives me up the wall. If we aren’t busy I’m not happy. I don’t like the sore back and swollen and tired feet, but I like it when we are slammed busy than being bored.

I don’t know if it’s the new meds I am on or if I am just seeing people differently but I have noticed that some of my co-workers are getting on my last nerve. For example, one is The One Who Knows it All about Wine. He makes inappropriate comments and literally puts his nose in the air and tells people like me to clean the men’s bathroom if I am bored. Nope. Not doing that. Not that I am too good for doing that task but because I am a bit germophobic and we have a guy who cleans. I even wear gloves when taking out trash. This man will also stand around while old ladies like me are carrying case after case of wine. This ticks me off. I should not have a job that is hurting my body. I just don’t do it anymore. If I see a man standing around I gently suggest that he help stock which means Carry the Cases and Boxes of Wine Lazy Bones!! I also do not acknowledge The One Who Knows All about Wine. I will say hello if he does but that’s it. I won’t talk to him about Anything nor engage in any kind of conversation. If he makes a remark about Anything I ignore him.  Another example of my irritation is a young lady that Thinks She Knows All about Wine. Having knowledge is a good thing. Correcting one in front of customers or showing off knowledge and interrupting a tasting is Rude. She is rude. She also yammers on and on to the customers. She is getting on my last nerve. Prior to my long list of illnesses I would take whatever anyone dished out. Not anymore. I just “get her back” by telling her that the toilet paper needs changing in the bathrooms or tell her (Yes tell her) to stock or sweep the floors. I am turning into someone I don’t like at work. Earlier this week I was pushed off the bar by two Know it All people. I just went on about my other tasks such as cleaning, told my boss I had completed everything and let her know how I was treated by co workers and told her I obviously wasn’t needed so clocked out and went home. I am also not pushing myself as hard. Not for $9.00 an hour to be treated poorly. Forget that. Thus, me wanting another job. But for now I am trying to make the best of it…..


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