Wedding Dress Blues or …blacks?

#2 had 2 wedding dresses. She chose one that she settled for and I paid for it. Then she found that “dream dress” and I bought it for her. She had two dresses but only wore the one. Luckily she kept the first. She got married in 2014.

#3 is getting married in July and saw this lady online that dyes wedding dresses…an hombre kind of dye. She wanted in dyed in this manner in purple. #3 just received the dress back yesterday and what a mess! It looks like it’s black!!  #3 freaked out and cried and cried and called her sister who graciously offered her first dress which is very pretty. Now #3 is all better. Luckily they are both about the same size and alterations will be easy. All better now but lots of tears shed over the weekend!!

I don’t think she will get her money back but her sister is over-nighting the other dress so hopefully she will have any alterations done in time and she will be happy. I wasn’t too concerned about it either way as she will look beautiful in anything, but what do I know? I got married in a business suit many moons ago!!


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