Weekly Wrap Up

First I would like to say Kudos to all of you bloggers who are faithful to blog each day! I used to be one of them, but as of late, Life has gotten in the way. I still read favorite blogs each day, but then I glance at the clock and I am off and running! No time to write! That is Bad. I must Make Time. In my last post, I decided I would charge up the old laptop and continue on my darn book. I am basically done, just need some editing and then the Oh How to Get it Published begins. I am probably not ready for that stress. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had the energy to finish it yet!

I am taking it easy on myself. Trying to keep my Anxiety at bay.  For example, if something causes me stress and I Have to do it, I do it quickly. If something causes stress that I don’t have time to deal with — I simply don’t deal with it or shelve it for another time.

This past week has been busy but uneventful. By that I mean, working, and taking care of household tasks, nothing earth shattering happening, for which I am very thankful! I have been going on interviews quite a bit. As of yet, no full time job for me. I have decided that if I am not hired by three places I interviewed with, then it’s not the right time. I still have one kid left to finish homeschooling, and it’s not going well. Perhaps that’s why I only have the part time job. Ah well, soon it will be over! Once he takes his G.E.D. and is registered for classes at the community college then my home school days are over. Can’t wait!

One exciting thing did happen this week that wasn’t Bad News. I was able to finance an above ground pool. I did not want to go into debt, but the joy of having a pool again outweighed the burden of more debt. It’s on it’s way! I can’t wait! Whether enjoying in the morning, day, or evening, I am definitely looking forward to it. It’s a great way to exercise as well. I love walking around in circles, sometimes praying, relaxing with a “pool noodle”, gathering my thoughts. Plus it’s so darn hot right now, a pool will bring such relief!

That’s it for now, be well!!


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