The Winery and me….

I have met so many young people that work at the winery. They are all educated and they all work at least two jobs. They can’t find a job in their field. So they are working for $9.00 per hour and are all in tremendous debt because they went to college.

This seems so unfair to me. They are smart kids, several of them are scientists of one kind or another and engineers. They go to high school, get great grades, are accepted into good colleges and work so hard. Only to graduate and not be able to get a job.

A running thread throughout our conversations seem to be that they are upset that they can’t move out on their own. They want to work. They want to be productive and most of all, they want to support themselves in their field of study. They are fortunate that they are allowed to live at home and they know it. However, they want to be independent. They feel defeated. I am not talking about one or two. I am talking about five or six of them. This is just in one place of employment. I imagine there are students all over the place that feel this way.

I try to encourage them, to give them ideas of where to apply for good paying jobs, remind them that are blessed to be able to live at home and listen to their stories. Yet I feel their frustration and pain and share their exasperation….

How can the talking heads and politicians say that the United States needs to compete in the global world and yet there are no jobs for educated people in scientific and engineering fields?

I don’t get it.


8 thoughts on “The Winery and me….

  1. Many people move from here to US in search of job and they sure land in well paid jobs. But in the land of such plenty, the sons of the soil don’t get a job of their choice? I’m very much surprised. The reason may be that we, in addition to technical skills, learn a foreign language and we master it in no time. Does it amaze the employer?

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