Court day tomorrow…

Tomorrow #5 and I go to court for his motorcycle ticket. He is nervous but handling it wonderfully. He sold his bike and hired an attorney so we are thinking he will get a restricted license and pay a fine and perhaps have a misdemeanor on his record. Not much we can do but go and hope the attorney can help him.

I was reading the newspaper today while at the doctor and read an article which stated that highway fatalities are up from last year. Imagine my shock when most of the fatalities mentioned were those that rode bicycles,  motorcycles, mopeds, and walked. (pedestrians)….Apparently people are not paying enough attention when driving and don’t see the people nor the smaller vehicles or bicycles. So sad.

That being said, #5 misses his motorcycle but I don’t think he’s learned his lesson. He loves the freedom and the speed. It will take a long time for him to buy a new bike though so I am glad of that. When he is older and more responsible, perhaps he will remember this time….I know I learned my lesson when I was Speed Racer many moons ago. Tickets were expensive then, but nothing like now!  I get myself in trouble with my Merc which is a V8 and really have to watch my speed. 80 feels like 40. I am hoping for Prosperity (!!) next year so that I can get a more economical car with a 4 cylinder. Not just for the gas, but of course for the gas savings, but also because a V8 packs a punch and I am one that Always gets pulled over..

We are on the afternoon docket but the attorney wants us there at 9:00 a.m., so it will be a long day. I hope that my son does not forget that either. Hanging around a courthouse all day is nerve wracking.  I don’t think that they allow phones or maybe they do, I have not been in court in a long time. I know you can’t play on your phone so he will be going nuts.

Hoping and keeping fingers crossed and praying for a good report!!


2 thoughts on “Court day tomorrow…

  1. Toni
    Please keep us posted
    And we tell our teens all the time about the extra consequences of tickets –
    Like the day in court
    Make that the lonnnnnng day in court and usually parking is tough and then fees and well
    I am going to share this post at some point -just in small talk and as the opportunity comes up –
    Because thankfully that they can learn some things without always having to learn the hard way!
    Anyhow – I also like the share about the motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians – will show them that too.

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