The Couch and the Bed

I have not written in so long and I see that Word Press has some changes. I don’t like some of them. For example, I used to be able to ‘follow’ someone simply by hitting a button. Now if someone is following me, I having a problem of following them back after I read their blogs. If anyone can help, please tell me how to follow someone….

Where have I been?  On the couch and the bed since November. I have also been to so many doggone doctors. So many tests, blood and scans and ultrasounds. Why? Because I lost so much weight in a short amount of time. (forty pounds).  Usually I would be dancing a jig if I had lost that much weight and was Trying to. However, I was Not trying to.

I was on so many antibiotics  last summer and fall and they did a doozy on my poor body. Then I had troubles with my teeth (a partial and dentures) and still do have troubles with them.  Gastro problems were the worst and I saw two gastro docs and had so many tests done I can’t even count them all. I had much pain from not eating enough. (still don’t) but I am trying to …..My biggest complaint was constant nausea and guess what?

No medical cause found. So what does that mean? Hello Anxiety you pain in the butt..Kind of hard for me even now to admit it or even think about it. My mind is Making Me Sick?  Nah, couldn’t be. Well there doesn’t seem to be anything else.

Why did I stop writing?

Because so many of you have joyous blogs, filled with days of happiness and minimal struggle, or gorgeous art or photography and I didn’t want to seem like a Big Whiner although I was. On top of that I cried A Lot Every Day. Not conducive to writing.

However, I remembered that I have an entire family  of people in the blog sphere that I could have leaned on for support who’s the dummy here? Me!

Kudos to all who write even when their days are dark and gloomy and filled with ill health. I couldn’t do it. I felt like I was crazy. I still do.

I am now seeing a Shrink which has provided me with new meds that seem to be working, helping me to not be sick and I can only say that I hope and pray it lasts. Oh to be nausea free!  It’s unbelievable and glorious!



4 thoughts on “The Couch and the Bed

  1. I think you and I could be roommates! I could have written this myself. I have felt like I had so much to write about but yeah, the pretty drawings and the positive outlooks and I am wayyyyyy bah humbug. Don’t think i could be more so!
    I noticed the same thing. Someone will like something and i will click on their blog and sometimes it says their blog is not found. I am like what the heck is this???!!!!
    You beat me on the weight. Dang that is a lot. I have lost 20. And i am so sick of scans and tests and bloodwork and bumping me from person to person. I feel like if i were home resting I’d have a better chance of feeling better than going ot people who either blow me off or make me worse. I don’t know. Gosh i am rambling now on your blog.
    What I wanted to say was I am very sorry that you are going through so much. That you’ve lost this weight and don’t have answers. My heart really goes out to you!!!!

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    • in September I was started on a new diabetic insulin called Byetta which has caused me to lose 17 kilos about 40 ish pound, also nausea and vomiting and constipation – but diabetes is almost gone as long as I keep using this med and all my bloods have returned to normal. I have epilepsy and Bipolar disorder and i can’t say that the Epilepsy is any worse except I wake up and can’t stand up straight for a few hours in the morning. I am however, very strained and touchy bipolar wise, sensitive to noise and very tired and worn out – all my clothes are too big.

      And I am losing my Memory – hi you two

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